Indulge in your favorite beverages like royalty with our exceptional ADAMAS glasses. Each glass is a stunning work of art, meticulously hand crafted and adorned with a dazzling diamond on the stem, elevating every sip to a luxurious experience. With its refined and sophisticated design, it makes for the perfect present for wine aficionados, collectors, or a truly unforgettable anniversary gift. The possibilities for customization are endless, allowing for unique designs and engravings tailored to your taste.

Our glasses

Experience the unparalleled beauty of hand-blown, one-of-a-kind glassware adorned with glittering diamonds.

Glas Diamant Rotwein Burgunder Luxus
Gläser Mundgeblasen Unikat

Burgundy glass Silenus

The Silenus Burgundy glass is a handmade red wine glass that is particularly suitable for larger wines due to its wide bowl diameter, providing them with an intense oxygen contact. Fine red wines such as Pinot Noir (Burgundy) or Barbera are also excellent choices, as they have high tannins and diverse fruity flavors that require a larger glass to fully unfold. Even robust white wines such as oak-aged Chardonnay or aged Riesling, stored in wood, feel at home in this full-bodied glass. Bordeaux glasses can also be produced upon request.

Available from 820 euros!

White wine glass Ampelos

Our elegant white wine glass has been specifically designed for enjoying light, aromatic white wines. It is slim and tall, with a narrow opening. This shape allows the wine to fully unfold its minerality and acidity. This white wine glass is an exclusive and special piece for wine connoisseurs and lovers of luxury and elegance. It is perfect for special occasions and events, or simply for a special evening at home. Such a glass will surely be a conversation starter and provide an unforgettable experience for all wine lovers.

Available from 730 euros!

Glas Diamant Weisswein Luxus Gläser Mundgeblasen Unikat

Glas Diamant Champagner Luxus Gläser Mundgeblasen Unikat

Champagne glass Bacchus

The exclusive Champagne glass „Bacchus“ is a stunning example of expert craftsmanship, featuring a sparkling diamond embedded in its stem. Crafted from durable, mouth-blown borosilicate glass, this elegant glass boasts a slender form with a thin stem and a wide bowl that captures the eye. The diamond’s brilliance adds a unique radiance to the glass, elevating the Champagne drinking experience with a touch of glamour.

The „Bacchus“ Champagne glass has a classic flute shape, making it the ideal choice for Champagne and other bottle-aged sparkling wines. Its gentle taper provides enough space for the carbonation to unfold, allowing the flavors carried by carbon dioxide to develop fully and in a stimulating way. Additionally, the mousse point creates a beautiful display of carbonation bubbles, perfectly complementing the Champagne experience.

Available from 740 euros!

Sweet wine glass Ariadne

Our elegant dessert wine glasses have a small, slightly flared bowl shape that keeps chilled wine at an optimal temperature for an extended period. This unique shape accentuates the wine’s aroma, sweet flavor, and gentle acidity, ensuring full attention to its taste. The tapered design directs fruity-sweet aromas of dessert wines straight to the nose and mouth. The refined shape showcases the rich sweetness of port wine, ice wine, or sherry in a harmonious and even distribution across the tongue. In addition, the dessert wine glass sits on a long, slim stem adorned with a stunning diamond, adding to its overall elegance.

Available from 730 euros!

Glas Diamant Süßwein Süsswein Dessertwein Luxus Gläser Mundgeblasen Unikat

Glas Diamant Kaviar Caviar Luxus Gläser Mundgeblasen Unikat

Caviar bowl

Serve your Beluga caviar in our beautiful bowl. The spoon with diamond ball will delight your guests. The caviar bowl was specifically designed for storing and serving caviar, making it a unique accessory for food connoisseurs.

We would be happy to provide you with an offer upon request.

Custom table accessories

We can create custom accessories to meet your specific needs, such as napkin holders, cigar holders, and ashtrays. For example, our timeless napkin rings are of the highest quality and add a luxurious touch to any festive table setting. They contribute to creating an elegant atmosphere and are a beautiful addition to your table décor.

Please contact us for pricing and ordering information.

Glas Diamant Serviettenhalter Luxus
Gläser Mundgeblasen Unikat

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