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Adamas Glas Gläser Design Bier Diamant

After years of devoted study and thousands of hours perfecting the intricate art of glassblowing and the properties of diamonds, inventor Natascha Schenk developed a technique that enables a diamond to float freely inside a perfectly clear, almost unbreakable glass sphere.

The result is a captivating gemstone that offers a full 360-degree view of a diamond without any metal obstruction, a true masterpiece never before witnessed.

Adamas is a part of the renowned company „Diamonds In Glass„, which is owned and managed by Natascha Schenk. Natascha Schenk’s vision to merge glass with high-quality diamonds and create the most exclusive glasses, including champagne and wine glasses, has revolutionized the luxury world. In contrast to most hand-blown glass manufacturers, Adamas and Diamonds in Glass create their products without the use of templates or molds, instead opting for the traditional method of hand-turning and mouth-blowing. Crafted with exceptional quality and skill in Austria, each piece is a unique work of art that pleases both the eye and the palate, thanks to the artistry and precision of the glassblower.

Adamas Glas Gläser Design Wein Diamant

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